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Late payments have a negative effect and missing a big payment hurts your score more than missing a small payment.

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Foreclosure A legal proceeding following a default by a borrower in which real estate secured by a mortgage or deed of trust is sold to satisfy the underlying debt.

GOVERNMENT RECORDING AND TRANSFER CHARGE Fees for legally recording your deed and mortgage. Be wary of unsolicited loan or refinance offers that you receive in the mail or through email. To Rent Or Buy? Here's what to know before messing with your mortgage or asking for.

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Title services includes any service involved with providing title insurance, such as title examination, preparing the title commitment, clearing the title to the property, preparing and issuing the title policies and conducting the settlement.

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Did you know that lenders consider a timeshare an installment loan and not a mortgage loan? You should shop around to determine that you are receiving the best service and price. Why Would a Mortgage Get Denied Experian.

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