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Not only is it against the rules to hold data longer than necessary, but the less data you hold, the easier it will be to keep on top of the rules. Provided that you anonymise the data of the people that you work with, you can still keep their information for measuring and charting your impact. Most useful services for local groups Safety Net 01273 411613 wwwsafety-netorguk infosafety-netorguk Services provided Help with developing a. But most importantly you have to put together a long list of people and organisations who you can ask to support you and put an enormous amount of effort into getting the word out far and wide. How can they protect themselves? Financial Policies and Procedures.

Uk has adequate and able to capture and sponsorship when it has raised very practical action to export reports and intrinsic part of fundraising policy. Voluntary income has grownin recent years and expenditure levels can be materially adjusted within a month period to fit revised funding levels if needed.

The law protecting the privacy of individuals by regulating access to confidential information held on them by both private and public organisations. For example, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse issued a memorandum halting the possible destruction of pertinent records.

Membership benefits include special interest groups, forums, free helplines, example documents and good practice guidance. In


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